Friday, July 9, 2010

Flashback Friday: Sonja, the Yellow Queen

Queen Sonja turned 73 this past Sunday, and I thought: what better way to honor her than by paying tribute to her favorite color, yellow?

Sonja's been a sunny dresser since her days as Norway's Crown Princess.  You know it's love when mustard evening gloves are involved.

She wears her fair share of yellow during the day, sure, but it's at night that her love of the sunshine color really comes out to play.

Sometimes it's lacy, and sometimes it's ruffly, but where you really start to notice it is in her habit of repeating.  Witness:

This little banana number has a rather Carmen Miranda flair to it, doesn't it?  And then, of course, there's the pièce de (yellow) résistance.....

Straight off Sesame Street.  It's not a bad first.  But it's just so much COLOR and it's worn so OFTEN.  Plus, she has no qualms about combining it with her emeralds - both the massive Empress Josephine emerald tiara and the modern Star Wars-esque tiara.  I don't mind the color nearly as much with the diamond-only jewelry.

For your birthday, Sonja, I wish you many happy returns and, most of all, many NEW yellow dresses.

What do you think: let the sun shine in, or death to the Big Bird dress?

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