Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Random Tidbits

Things that are currently flipping my skirt up, just because I feel like sharing:
  • Givenchy will no longer hold couture runway shows; instead, privileged clients will view the collection by private appointment.  They make specific note of "assorted royals" unable to attend runway shows due to security and thus in need of private showings.  Who are these assorted royals, hmmm?  I know Rania is a Givenchy fan, but one Queen does not an assortment make.  It's killing me a little bit that our dear fashionable royals will be sporting amazing couture and we will not be able to give them credit for it, because the rest of us aren't rich enough to lay eyes on Givenchy's best work.  Harrumph. [Huffington Post]
  • That infamous black dress worn by Lady Diana Spencer during her engagement (you remember, the cleavage-y one) was recently sold at auction.  I thought this piece, interviewing the owner of the auction house, was a fascinating behind-the-scenes look.  Bonus pic of the dress and other Emanual items that went on the auction block.  [Fashionista]
  • And, saving the best for last:  MORE WEDDINGS!!!
    • Our favorite little engaged flower from Victoria's wedding, Tatiana Blatnik, will wed Prince Nikolaos on August 25th in Greece.  The most urgent question of all: will this be a tiara event?  Well, ok, that's the second most urgent question, but we don't have any hope of learning what the dress looks like before the big day.
    • And another shining star, Charlene Wittstock, will also get her day in the sun - Albert has finally announced their engagement.  Why this announcement couldn't have come last week to save poor Charlene the awkwardness of being "just" a girlfriend at a royal wedding is beyond me, but I won't complain - another amazing wedding dress is in the works! 
Update: Did you see Charlene's ring?  Holy crap!  Best royal engagement ring in quite some time - and by best, I mean BIGGEST:

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