Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mabel Defys the Laws of Fashion Mathematics

You'd think if a royal was attending a function alongside a designer, the laws of fashion mathematics would go into effect, and the transitive property of good style would result in a fashion win for said royal.

But you'd be wrong. This is Princess Mabel of the Netherlands, sandwiched in between designers Viktor & Rolf, attending the AmsterdamDiner. Naturally, she's wearing one of their creations, a black version of a style seen in their Pre-Fall 2010 collection:

Perhaps I could get over the baggy shape, and the skirt that is far too short for a woman who is both a royal and a mother, if it weren't for the shoes.

Also, the black stockings. Fashion mathematics has failed us.

Photos: PPE/van Katwijk/Viktor & Rolf

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